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    By on March 11, 2014 in See It Here

    March 11 2014

    Hot Air Bloviation

    28 members of the U.S. Senate talked all night about climate change, something not usually done on a Monday evening and something that had observers asking the question, “why?”

    Well, I’m talking about it. A lot of people are talking about it. Critics of this say the Senate shouldn’t waste time talking about something that doesn’t have pending legislation tied to it. They’re right, of course, and I’m thrilled we have such substantial measures in place advocating “green eggs and ham.”

    Above the finger-pointing and yelling and never-ending questioning of statistics and facts by all involved (read: you and I), here’s a pair of numbers that are often missed: The population of Earth is more than 7 billion right now. That’s more than half of what the population was 50 years ago. Those questioning climate change say the climate is always changing (read: George Will) so all of this is a lot of hooey and is part of the Earth’s natural cycle.

    To use this logic, we can double the population again, supply heating and cooling and transportation, build things and not really worry about increased heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because this is all a part of “the way it is.”

    You know what? That’s the kind of thinking that takes pride in ignorance and the result is we really need not do a darn thing. After all, people don’t screw up the atmosphere.

    Besides, there’s green eggs and ham available for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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