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    Blow It Up (or fix it)

    By on March 28, 2014 in See It Here

    March 28, 2014

    If you’re keeping score, House Republicans have voted 52 separate times to blow up the Affordable Care Act, get it out of here and, I guess, start over.

    That’s cool. I get it. And if House Speaker John Boehner is reading this, I’d like to add, I understood your concern after the first vote (January 19, 2011). But I guess it takes some repetition to get the idea across to America.

    As one who edits the Republican Weekly Address in search of news, the smart money is they’ll continue to waste everyone’s time telling us how horrible the Affordable Care Act really is (see the blog from way back on March 5th). Every Saturday, it’s the same tune and yeah, they’re taking bets in Vegas every Friday night at 6:27 pm as to the GOP topic and “Obama-Doesn’t-Care” is consistently at the top of possible topics. The payout is really low because it’s such a certainty. But, if 52 votes aren’t enough, then you gotta use the Republican Weekly Address to reach “the people.” Let me tell you something: “the people” really aren’t that dumb.

    Now, I’m not smart enough to be in Congress, but wouldn’t this time be better spent if Republicans would say “here’s what we’d like to do, instead”?

    Guess what? A single set of principles is being worked on as you read this. It’s expected to include allowing buyers to cross state lines to purchase health care and deal with the purchase via fewer regulations. I’m eager to see the plan…since they’ve been saying “ObamaCare Sucks” for more than three years without offering an alternative.

    Another note to Speaker Boehner:  Are you really throwing out everying in the Affordable Care Act? Am I to understand every idea in there is bad? Might you think there’s some validity in suggesting here’s what works and let’s keep it and here’s what doesn’t work and let’s replace it? In other words, take this project on with a degree of maturity instead of the tired teenage-rage-I’m-not-talking-to-you-no-more-take-that-Obama?

    Ayn Rand once said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that it’s smart to leave the guns outside the room when trying to make your case. Otherwise, you blow everything up.

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