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    A Comment on Comments

    By on June 9, 2015 in See It Here

    We have all witnessed, maybe participated in, comments made when the TV anchor reads a story. It’s usually negative (the comments, not the story). This has been going on since the days of Lowell Thomas on NBC back in the 1930’s and, possibly, with the same adjectives.

    Today, when one reads news online, there’s always a place for comments and while monitored,  the necessary adjectives are present; letting the Internet World know someone’s thoughts. Talk about a true democracy—everyone has the chance to participate and let planet Earth know how they feel.

    And most of the time, it’s a variation of “that sucks” followed by talking points of the right (too much government-too many taxes-the liberal media) or the left (the government needs to get involved-the right wing whackos and so on). Everyone has a voice.

    A recent comment on this topic by the philosopher Charles Barkley, however, has stayed with me:

    “Social media is where losers hang out all day to feel they’re important.”

    I’d add to his thesis that one will rarely find a solution to social media topics. And this is nothing new. It’s always easier to say “that sucks” than it is to offer a way away from whatever is going on that sucks.  Our grandfathers/fathers who watched Lowell Thomas did it and we are doing it right now.  I am hopeful there might be, someday, a rule for posting that says you have to offer a better idea if you’re going to slam an opinion. And, yes, it will never happen. Still, social media as well as the primitive face-to-face conversation could sure use some “this could work” to all the  “that sucks” out there right now. And besides, this would decrease the number of “losers” online.

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