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Pat Piper

The Problem

By on July 7, 2020 in See It Here

If I had kids, there would be a moment when I’d have to sit down with them and use the Marvin Gaye line-“What’s Going On”?

Note: I’m glad I don’t have children:

Second Note: The song was written in 1971 about a police brutality incident.

But I would make the following points:

*These are unique moments when people are angry. Now, there is always anger. You see it in school (and at home). But when you are angry–bad decision are made. The lesson is to be strong enough to pause and see the big picture.

*Don’t respond to anger with anger. During the “pause,” let the other person vent and yell. Then ask if they are ready to talk.

Since we are talking about children, keep it to two or three points.

Watching-listening-reading President Trump’s campaign rants makes one think he oughta follow that guidance.

Bottom Line: Pointing fingers doesn’t fix anything.

Marvin Gaye saw it:

“Don’t punish me with brutality
Talk to me, so you can see.”

It’s Time to Talk the Talk

By on June 1, 2020 in See It Here

Mr. President,

Instead of using twitter to slam “sleepy Joe Biden” and criticize governors in the front line of protests for not being tougher and then saying the world is watching you and laughing, maybe you oughta face the fact your oh-so-clever use of social media is–to use your words “a complete failure.”

I’ll make this brief since you don’t like long sentences or paragraphs.

Address the nation tonight.

Tell the country everyone understands the anger. Everyone gets that there is frustration. We all feel something is wrong in the senseless death of George Floyd in the hands, and knee, of a white cop in Minneapolis. We all agree it is wrong. We all agree we will do (not can do) better starting right now.

Tell the country the destruction of the church across the street from the White House fixes nothing. Tell the country driving a truck into protesters on a Minneapolis bridge fixes nothing. Tell the country burning stores in Tampa fixes nothing.

Then say something a lot of people haven’t heard from you.

We can’t make changes unless we talk to each other.

We’re not pointing fingers at each other anymore. We’re pointing fingers at ourselves because that’s where the solution will be found.

Make it one of your executive orders if that makes you feel better.

Two Things (about Everything)

By on May 23, 2020 in See It Here

(1) The President says the search for a coronavirus vaccine is going “wharp speed” to find the one that works. Experts in the immunological field (medicine likes syllables) say it actually could happen this year. Whatever company that finds it, should make the vaccine available for free. “Sleepy Joe” as the President calls him, says it’s a good idea. It will be fascinating to watch how the President reacts to that.

(2) The President also wants to make churches and houses of worship “essential services.” If we have to stand six feet apart in a grocery store, with a mask on, does this mean those in a church pew must sit six feet apart? The folks running the places where we pray oughta say God, Jesus, Allah, or Whoever probably has no need for worshippers to gather to receive their praise. That is done with thoughts and promises to do better than the previous day. That can be done at home. Makes me think this is all about making the weekly donation rather than making the weekly public show of devotion.