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    By on November 12, 2019 in See It Here

    There will be another debate among the dozen or so Democrats in a few weeks-each seeking to walk that line between “vote for me” and “vote for any of us besides the president.”

    Here’s a suggested go-to for an opening statement:

    To each of you who want to support Mr. Trump I ask these simple questions:

    (1) Mr. Trump told us the GOP would become the party of health care. Where is it? They took apart the Affordable Care Act with admirable rapidity but replaced it with…nothing.

    (2) The President spoke of gleaming new bridges and roads in early 2018 and had an agreement  (in principle) to do it for $2 trillion. Where is it?

    (3) Speaking of trillions–the Congressional Budget Office announced the federal deficit right now is $984 billion dollars–double the deficit of just four years earlier. Mr. Trump promised to eliminate it in eight years. How’s he doing?

    As you listen to each of us this evening, please think, please compare and please allow yourself to say “maybe we can do better than the person who has the job now?”


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