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    Predicting The Unpredictable

    By on July 18, 2018 in See It Here

    When he was called “candidate Trump,” he said “I want to be “unpredictable.” I understand the idea and it’s a good one but President Trump has become more than predictable. In fact, one’s eyes seem to be glazing over more than ever, usually after his now-predictable-end-of-sentence-word “OK?”.

    After a year watching and listening (and tweet-reading) the President of the United States, there is a single trait that is to be expected prior to a meeting that involves national security or Congress or debates: It’s insults.

    *Before meeting British Prime Minister Theresa May at the NATO summit, the president told The Sun, “she would probably end a major trade relationship with the United States” if Britain remains partially with the EU. At a news conference with her at his side, Trump said “whatever you do is OK with me.” There was–and is–a lot of “WTF?” going around, even in diplomatic circles.

    *He continually points to the Obama administration as the cause of the horrible issues he has to repair (and MAGA). It’s become, can we say, “predictable.” Solutions are found in identifying the origin of a problem but, you gotta get beyond only pointing fingers (and while all of these problems aren’t the result of the previous occupant, it does play well with his 30-percent base who who have no need for facts).

    *Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer with whom he needs Democratic support is commonly described as “crying Chuck” or “high tax Chuck” or “fake tears Chuck.”

    *Prior to the meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong un, he was “little rocket man.”

    *Prior to an interview on TV, I remember him leaning toward the host and saying “you really have bad breath.”

    *It’s something we have to get used to. It’s childish and it will, no doubt, be the topic of numerous masters thesis by doctoral psychology (psychiatry?) students. That’s a prediction.

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