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    Raining On The Parade

    By on August 19, 2018 in See It Here

    President Trump wanted a military parade so he could show foreign leaders how big and powerful the United States is, but that’s not going to happen because it costs too much. I guess this means the United States isn’t that big money-wise. But this has nothing to do with money, about money, even though he is blaming Washington D.C. officials for the no-go, because the estimated cost to host such an event is $92 million.

    This began after he was a guest at a military parade in France celebrating Bastille Day and, of course, decided, we can be bigger than that. Remember, size matters when one is short-sighted.

    The Pentagon says it will “explore opportunities in 2019,” which is code for “don’t piss Trump off.” For now, advisers say the president could watch a parade at nearby Joint Base Andrews, which he could have done in the first place. One problem: There’s no parade planned  (yet) at JBA.

    The American Legion has suggested the $92 million be spent on veterans. instead of a reviewing stand in front of the White House a venue where all of us can applaud the President. Or, he could spend a lot less and show up to salute U.S. troops in Afghanistan or the DMZ.

    While I hope we don’t start becoming numb when goofy ideas come from the Oval Office, I will admit to increased nausea as a result of these daily efforts driven by “look-at-me.”

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