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    Shutdown (The Sequel)

    By on December 20, 2018 in See It Here

    Let’s look at how the government handles budgets because it’s really pretty simple: Congress approves, and the President approves, a  fiscal year budget that begins on October 1 and ends the following year on September 30.

    There’s a fallback–and that word is appropriate in these days when everyone talks about “moving forward”–and it’s called a “continuing resolution” which is commonly called “kicking the can down the road” which I call a really half-ass way to do things. It’s necessary but, it’s been “continuing” too many times.

    In 2018, there were 5 continuing resolutions to keep the government funded and avoid a shutdown. Now, we’re dealing with the -almost 6, since the Senate adjourned without enough votes to pass anything. President Trump wants his $5 billion border wall included in the funding. He has shifted from saying “it’s my shutdown” if he doesn’t get the money to “it’s the “Democrats’ shutdown.”

    It’s comparable to the 6-year old picking up his toys and going home because he doesn’t get his way on the playground.

    And since he is The Hero of his base–which is a minority of America–President Trump is saying the shutdown is the result of not being given money for–get this-steel slats (made in the USA of course) and is no longer calling it “a border wall.” Change the name of what you want and nobody will notice.

    President Trump oughta tell Congress he wants them to stay in Washington D.C. and get an agreement on funding the government through September 30. No going home to spend time with their family and to do this, he’ll stay in DC instead of going to Mar a Lago.

    Well, it’s just a holiday wish that didn’t come true.

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