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    Talking-Walking-Or Both

    By on September 17, 2019 in See It Here

    I will give President Trump credit for trying to make a deal with Iran and North Korea and the Taliban about finding a way to get along (and he oughta try the same thing with Democrats). If you look at the Big Picture, agreements are reached by having a number of face-to-face conversations

    Yes, there will be tiffs, doubts, responses of “No F’ing Way” (with exclamation points) until that moment occurs when both sides see the same thing.

    That “same thing” is always in front of you. One simply needs new eyes for it to appear. And yeah, it takes time and yeah, it may never appear. Humans have issues. Solutions do too but not as many.

    Now some along the sidelines will always say there have to be conditions before the sit down. They are correct but that is when representatives on both sides do some earlier sit downs to find the common ground.  Now, some along the sidelines can argue this has the potential for being nothing but a show (and yes, the president likes shows), but that’s the job of the folks on both sides to walk through the problems to determine if there’s a “there” there.

    Talking is the goal to Getting There. And Walking is the way to do it.

    Mr. Trump needs to learn it’s not about him.

    Yeah, I know….

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