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    There Ego Again

    By on July 5, 2019 in See It Here
    President Trump delivered a good 4th of July speech at the Lincoln Memorial surrounded with his TV props (tanks and aircraft flyovers cued for the right moment). There was no name-calling or insults or ending every sentence with “OK?”
    That said and with plaudits given, he shouldn’t have done this at all.
    Do a YouTube video that TV and radio and even the Fake News outlets would mention it.
    Stay out of people gathering on the National Mall to share stories and see the sites and stay for the fireworks at one end or at the Capitol 4th with the National Symphony Orchestra  at the other end.
    The country is capable with honoring the events of 243 years ago without someone saying “look at me.”
    One more thing: after he concluded and went back to the White House, nothing we see and feel and honor about that day changed, although his donors in the nearby seats may have gotten wet from the off-and-on rains.
    Yes, this agnostic asked God to allow a complete downpour to begin for 45 minutes at 6:38pm
    Put another way: this was an ego-driven moment America just didn’t need.

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