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    TV Show Presidency

    By on May 2, 2018 in Writing

    If I have learned one thing from President Trump since January 2017 when he took the oath of office, it is that anything he does reflects a TV show because he is always worried about ratings.

    Recent tweets are about his approval ratings being so much higher than that of Barack Obama during the same time he was in office. He tells us the ratings for any show on which he appears always results in higher numbers.

    This all reminds me of the close of every Batman show back in the days of black and white—“Tune in Next Week when the Caped Crusader takes on Mr. Freeze…” The President does a variation on that theme with “a decision in the next few days” regarding increased tariffs or “I’ll decide soon” regarding the venue to meet North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

    It is sad to seen Wolf Blitzer and his all-too-familiar “Breaking News” banner tell us the President will let us know “soon” where the meeting takes place. MSNBC and Fox do the same thing. TV (and Trump) know that “Breaking News” makes us pay attention.

    I applaud President Trump for being smart enough to work the room. He says nothing and can still be a success at doing it. But I wish “the room” would was smart enough to turn off the TV.

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