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    Tweet Street

    By on August 7, 2018 in See It Here
    For those who have been on the the planet Neptune (most say “Pluto,” but it’s now considered it a “mini-planet”), one may not be aware the White House– and those who cover the White House– are having some issues.
    Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says the President’s tweets are his opinion. This is different from when all the tweets started after changing addresses from Trump Tower to that place on Pennsylvania Avenue when, then, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the tweets are from the president.
    In other words, the tweets are the position of the White House.
    When pressed (poor choice of words) at briefings, the White House has two major points to make:
    (1) “I have nothing for you on that”
    (2) “We’ve been over this before and the situations remains the same.”
    Non-answers result in more questions as they should. And yes, there are more important issues at hand.
    Here’s a suggestion for the White House Press Office:
    If the tweets appear on theRealDonaldTrump, then they are his opinion.
    If they appear on POTUS, then they are the position of the United States.
    If the POTUS ones are inaccurate, then it is legitimate to ask at the briefing.
    This ain’t that difficult. Living on Neptune (or elsewhere) is difficult.

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