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    By on May 21, 2019 in See It Here

    The thing one has to remember about our president is he lives to be “unpredictable.” It’s a campaign promise that has been more-than-kept. And that’s unfortunate.

    He has tweeted Iran should no longer threaten the United States or it faces “an official end.” He has used a variation of that theme with North Korea. Both occur with US military presence in the area.

    Now, I can actually understand a degree of logic in operating like this: It puts the “other side” (and there’s a lot of that overseas as well as right here–i.e. House of Representatives) on notice of consequences.

    But there’s another degree of logic: “There you go again” to quote a president he likes to mention as a way to reach his base (Reagan said it in a 1980 debate with Jimmy Carter). It becomes predictable, which means it will be ignored.

    And then, our president has to make a choice–look bad or own up.

    We know what he will choose.

    After all, he really has become predictable.

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