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    Archive for July, 2015

    Trump Comes to Town

    By on July 21, 2015 in See It Here

    There was a moment in the newsroom on Sunday when I was focused on the words from Secretary of State John Kerry and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz about how they intend to sell the just-completed Iran nuclear agreement to Congress. It happened just as the State Department had transmitted the documents to members with a start time on the 60 day clock to begin 24 hours later. This was “good stuff” to use some news jargon.

    And then on one of the numerous monitors at my desk,  ABC’s “This Week” showed a photo of Donald Trump with a graphic indicating he was on the air calling into host Martha Raddatz .

    Kerry who?

    Trump was doing his routine. Because he was number one in so many polls, he told the audience all the other GOP contenders for president were behind the outcry of his saying Arizona Senator John McCain wasn’t “a war hero” because he was caught. That inane statement was made less than 24 hours earlier at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. One thing you will never hear from Donald Trump: “I’m sorry.  I could have handled this better.”  I am beginning to think his dictionary only contains the word “I” with maybe a mention or  two of  “money” or “wealth.”

    Two quick points:

    1. This clown car is starting to run out of gas. I have enjoyed it. Fox has an August 6th debate with only ten GOP candidates allowed and if our wealthy me-me-me mentor stays in the race, this will be fascinating to watch…sort of a political Jerry Springer Show.
    2. Our opinion of Congress/the White House/anything in Washington is so low right now that “outsiders” are enjoying traction. Bernie Sanders is getting large crowds and, though an insider,  his politics are way outside the “way we do things.” (insist on Made In The USA, support the $15 an hour minimum wage, break up big banks, health care is a natural right…) and it is refreshing to hear. Mr. Trump is in the same boat (he owns it, by the way) with his words coming from the business world, rather than the Rayburn or Cannon House Office Buildings on the Hill. They are getting a larger share of our attention because most of us believe the-way-things-are isn’t the-way-things-should-be done.

    Mr. Trump continues to lead in polling among likely Republican voters ( he told you that, not me) despite the first newspaper editorial saying it’s time to stop the campaign (The Des Moines Register). The next few weeks, leading up to the Fox debate will be good television (and radio) because Mr. Trump wants to be on that TV stage pointing fingers at the other nine candidates. How he decides to pull over to the curb and disassemble the clown car will be good television too—and we all know it will happen—and we all know it won’t be his fault.