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    Archive for September, 2015

    Duck! Incoming (Three Things)

    By on September 18, 2015 in See It Here

    Being in the news business, I want to give you a heads up of things to come:

    *The next GOP Debate is in Boulder, Colorado on October 28. The smart money says there won’t be 16 candidates on stage as a result of a few with the inability to raise money for their campaigns. Key to all of this is the fact everyone is sick of (AW) Anything Washington– (I live there and I’m a little ticked myself now that I think about it…).  Outsiders are the New Deal: we have  Carly Fiorina  who ran Hewlett-Packard and we have Donald Trump. The optimist in me says having a new perspective on problem solving is probably needed. The pessimist in me says I’m not comfortable with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin with their shirts off together. Speaking of sick of AW:

    *The Tea Party and Congress–The government is about to run out of money because the current spending plan ends on September 30 and Congress hasn’t been able to start dealing with the 12 appropriations bills that have to be passed.

    I think we’re going to see the famous Countdown Clock next to Wolf Blitzer toward the end of September telling us how soon before we have no authority to pay bills.

    Tea Party Republicans insist any deal is going to have to defund Planned Parenthood as a result of videos that have gone viral and are admittedly doctored/edited. That doesn’t matter. Planned Parenthood has been around since 1942 but I can’t recall GOP folks getting wound up until now. But that has nothing to do with the fact Ted Cruz and others are willing to let the government run out of money over an issue that involves 20 cents out of every thousand dollars in the budget. As Ted will tell you–it’s the principle of the thing. The last time this happened in 2013, there was a cost of $24 billion to the U.S. economy during the 16-day shutdown. Doesn’t matter. It’s not about the big picture anymore. By the way, Ted and others are concerned about how we waste money in this city.

    *Benghazi–The House Select Committee on Benghazi has been at work for 16 months at a  cost  (so far) of $4.4 million.  It will interview former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in October regarding her emails and whether she has any responsibility for the bombing of the US mission in Libya.  Some politicians say we waste to much money in the federal government. By the way, this is the 9th Congressional investigation of Benghazi. 

    As someone smarter than me said the other day: “You can’t make this stuff (he used another word) up.”