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    Archive for November, 2015

    Four Quick Thoughts (that took a while)

    By on November 23, 2015 in See It Here

    (1) Some months back, I said the clown car driven by Donald Trump would run out of gas. Instead, it’s got a full tank (Trump doing well in New Hampshire & Iowa) and a Washington Post/ABC poll shows The Donald with 32% rating—10 points ahead of Ben Carson. This is occurring because the electorate is having fun with pollsters or because the electorate is saying the election is more than half-a-year away so leave me alone or the electorate is really that stupid. I’m not sure which of the three is the reason.

    (2) House Republicans have passed a bill that requires the head of the F.B.I and the head of the Department of Homeland Security to certify any Syrian refugee allowed into the United States isn’t going to work for the Islamic State. Keep in mind getting into the U.S. already takes 18-24 months of screening. The concerned House Republicans are doing this so they can call out the department chiefs should a refugee do something stupid. Safety of the homeland is secondary. The Statue of Liberty is going to have to be turned around so it doesn’t face the ocean from which refugees come.

    (3) I’m tired of “Breaking News” when the news happened 24 hours earlier.

    (4) Congress has to pass a budget by December 11 or there’s no money for the government to pay bills. This is because it’s a short-term funding plan passed two weeks earlier. Now I understand why Donald Trump is at 32%…….

    The Debate Debate

    By on November 2, 2015 in See It Here

    Representatives from Republican presidential campaigns met in Alexandria, Virginia Sunday night to discuss how to make their candidates more comfortable when appearing in debates. This is because things didn’t go well during the most recent debate in Colorado and there will be another debate coming up November 10 in Milwaukee so the meeting had to be done quickly. Then again, it’s hosted by Fox News so that debate didn’t really come up as an issue. It’s all those other ones that are closer to the February 1, Iowa caucus.

    Among the demands coming out of the Sunday meeting is the temperature be kept at 67 degrees so the candidates don’t sweat. Before the meeting even happened, my favorite candidate Ted Cruz suggested Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity participate in future Republican debates because the moderators are always liberals if you look at the way we do it now.

    The genius of this candidate is that being liberal is bad for learning how a candidate would handle Vladimir Putin but being conservative is good for learning how a candidate would deal with the Russian leader. After all, as Ted would tell us, it’s not about the question, it’s about who is asking the question.

    I guess he wasn’t watching Hillary Clinton in front of the Select Committee on Benghazi for eleven hours because that’s where we could see the quality of Republican question-asking.

    Here’s another note to Ted:

    The very worst thing in a democracy is to have the people running a political campaign demand how a debate should be run. I agree with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who isn’t doing too well right now, saying the other candidates should “stop complaining.” John Kasich, Carly Fiorina and, of course, Donald Trump are not signing the GOP demand letter. 

    These folks can’t agree on what they disagree about.

    People in the news business should ask the questions of people who want to be President. Campaigns shouldn’t have any role at all, though they really came through on the room temperature issue.