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    Archive for February, 2016

    Note to GOP: Grow Up

    By on February 13, 2016 in See It Here

    Within hours of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia being found dead in a Texas hunting lodge Saturday evening,  Republicans started tweeting that President Obama shouldn’t announce a replacement  until the next president takes office in January, 2017. Folks, that means the Court operates with eight members for 11 months under this looney-tune idea. Have you heard of 4-4 decisions? Yes they are rare but this is what Republicans are seeking.

    Keep in mind: these are the folks telling us every nanosecond about government not working.  This is a moment for both the White House and Republicans to show it can be done—even if it happens under Obama’s term. Have a sit down without the “litmus test” nobody says they like and go through names from the White House—BTW–it’s the president’s job to make nominations. Then the President can let the GOP take the credit for “showing government can work.”

    A Lesson in Leading

    By on February 10, 2016 in See It Here

    I hear and read the words “no leadership” from a certain political party just about every two minutes. I think I must not have paid attention in English class or political science class because here’s what is being done after those words are used:

    *Just after the fiscal 2017 budget was released, that political party announced the House and Senate budget committees wouldn’t hold hearings. That is leadership.

    *Many of the candidates in that party have promised to blow up the Affordable Care Act because they don’t like it. Nobody has put forth what a replacement will look like, despite a lot of bloviating about all the different approaches being proposed, and the more than 40 votes to repeal it in Congress. But not one solid idea about a health care alternative is on the table. That’s leadership.

    Being loud has nothing to do with leading.