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    Archive for September, 2016

    Four Things:

    By on September 1, 2016 in See It Here

    (1) If we get upset about a president lying while in the White House why can’t we get upset about a presidential candidate lying to get the job? There’s got to be a smart phone BS app for that.

    (2) If Donald Trump has a good night on November 8 (“good night” means he wins, not “good night” as in see you later), is he going to start whining about the low-rent layout of Air Force One as compared to that plane with his name on both sides?

    (3) If a TV channel flashes the “Breaking News” graphic on the screen, is there any way it could actually be done when real news occurs instead the way it is done now as a cheap tactic to make viewers watch long enough to keep them in the next audience rating segment?

    (4) If both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton have such high unfavorable ratings, wouldn’t it make sense to just allow them to serve for 100 days and if things improve they can serve the rest of the term?