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    Archive for October, 2017

    Four Observations (and solutions)

    By on October 4, 2017 in See It Here

    Bitching about news is easy. Offering solutions is (actually) easier.

    (1) Gun Control: The Las Vegas shooter had 12 “bump stocks” on his guns to make his semi automatic fire 800 rounds. If someone buys one, then an automatic Facebook post should immediately appear with the person’s photo that says “Look who is a Bad Shot.” Note to Democrats: Ego will stop this faster-better-and cheaper than any new law.

    (2) Stupid Tweets: President Trump will continue this despite concerns from his White House staff. We need to hire a “Tweet Ambassador” who will respond whenever a POTUS Tweet appears with the first line being “Here’s what he really means….” I bet the Republicans will put this position on the first line of their budget plan.

    (3) Fake News: News Programs should replace the “Breaking News” graphic when reporting a story about the president with “Fake News” and the tweets will quickly stop.

    (4) NFLTaking a Knee: Anyone upset about this should also stand at home when watching NFL games during the national anthem. It’s not about what is done physically (standing); it is what is done mentally (reflecting) while the anthem is played.

     You’re welcome.