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    Archive for November, 2018

    I Call Your Name

    By on November 12, 2018 in See It Here

    President Trump has made a living with name-calling. It is juvenile, it achieves nothing–except in the name-caller’s mind and after it occurs, there’s an expectation the person who was called a name will fire back…which, is also juvenile. This can go for weeks, as we’ve all seen and heard.

    Now some Americans think it’s cool when the Oval Office Occupant does stuff like this. It’s a good way to connect with followers. One problem: It’s the same as talking to yourself in the mirror. Nothing happens.

    President Trump has tossed correspondent Jim Acosta’s White House media credentials in the trash can because Acosta wouldn’t back down in getting an answer about the migrant caravan that threatens our borders and security. The White House even doctored a video of the exchange to show how Acosta grabbed an intern who was trying to take the microphone away from him.

    Some advice for the White House:

    *Just turn down the microphone volume.

    *Just don’t call on Acosta

    *And don’t do a 90-minute news conference.

    Everything  that occurred in the White House press room is, I hope, making America grate (again.)

    Us Is Bigger Than Me

    By on November 4, 2018 in See It Here

    Every human being running for office before-and after- the mid-term election has said the same thing about the United States being a divided country. There’s too much I’m Right-You’re Wrong and not enough Let’s-Find-A-Solution.

    And when we hear the words “Bipartisanship” or “reach across the aisle” they have become both hollow and meaningless.

    And when we don’t hear those words, which is the norm, then we have pointing fingers about how the opposition is the problem. It’s all about “me” instead of “the bigger picture” where everyone lives.

    And this (of course) brings me to greeting cards.

    Today every card has a category: Birthday-for-son, Birthday for 60-year-old, Thanksgiving-for-Same-Sex-couple, Condolence-for-Loss-Of-Sister, Greeting-For-Brother-In Law, Halloween-for-Godson……

    It’s all about the individual now. There’s a belief, and unfortunately a market, for sending thoughts with a specifically-targeted card that will be more “special” than sending just a card with the same greeting but without that persons age-sex-family connection-race….(yeah, the list is endless.

    Here’s the solution to ending our divided country:

    Offer only blank cards.

    This way, the sender, has to write real words, with real thoughts and is no longer signing their name to an idea coming from someone/somewhere else with no attempt at authenticity.

    It’s not what you are. It’s who you are.

    It’s a beginning.