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    Archive for December, 2020

    Predicting Unpredictable

    By on December 23, 2020 in See It Here

    Many in Washington DC, and everywhere else, are using the technical term “WTF?” right now after President Trump refused to sign the $900 billion relief package to help Americans deal with the coronavirus.


    He had tweeted about the preferred number for each citizen being $2,000 instead of $600 but did zero to make that happen. He has yet to learn a tweet isn’t enough, despite his fabulous approach to making a deal. His numbers man, Steve Mnuchin, fought to get approval from Republicans and Democrats for the package that  was agreed to over the weekend. This could mean a delay in the checks being sent.


    Back in the days of Trump campaigning, before-not after 2016, the great dealmaker said he wanted to be “unpredictable.” As noted earlier, he delivered on that promise. Now, this may be noise or this may be a framed ransom to make him look good or he may really be mentally challenged.


    He is also ticked about some amendments in the bill that have nothing to do with Covid-19, like payment for the arts, but it should also be noted that measure is in the omnibus spending bill to keep the government operating for the fiscal year ending in October. Of course, one can’t condemn the guy too much because he is battling to get the election results overturned, despite states, the electoral college and even Senate leader McConnell saying he lost.


    Some might think there’s something wrong with this picture. And he still has a few weeks for a dramatic TV show ending.

    Cole Porter and Us

    By on December 15, 2020 in See It Here

    On December 12, 2000, a book party was held in Washington D.C. for Larry King’s “Anything Goes,” a book I helped him write about his experiences covering politicians through his live radio and TV broadcasts. The title was borrowed from Cole Porter’s 1934 musical with the words about “the world’s gone mad today, and good’s bad today and black’s white today and day’s night today” and you get the idea.

    For some reason, Porter’s words have stayed in the background during 2020.

    The book party ended early because the Supreme Court had ruled George W. Bush defeated Al Gore in the electoral college after deciding questionable votes in Florida should go to Bush. Al Gore had won the popular vote by more than half a million. Most of those attending Larry’s book celebration worked in the media and had to leave to report on the decision.

    Now, 20 years later, I think it makes sense to, again, look at the worth of the electoral college. Logic suggests the most votes win (popular vote). The electoral idea came about because America was so spread out back in the days of the founders writing the Constitution that “electors” would travel to a polling place as a representative of those who couldn’t get to the polls. Somehow, in these days of paved roads, that idea just doesn’t make sense to me.

    And after the days of Cole Porter Moments since November 3rd where Joe Biden won both the popular and electoral votes, getting rid of one of the ways we decide makes a lot of sense.

    Dumb’s smart today….yeah, my words.

    Stupid Is As Stupid Does

    By on December 5, 2020 in See It Here

    There is agreement President Trump has lost the 2020 election, despite suggestions it was (1) rigged (2) it was filled with fraud (3) there was an international conspiracy to ensure Democrats win because President Trump is so tough.

    Yeah, the ranting has become humorous. Still, facts are facts.

    In fact consider this:90 percent of Republicans in the House and Senate have yet to say “Trump Lost.” That’s 222 people–each paid more than 6 figures each year to deal with facts to run our country. These people represent the U.S. (also known as “us”).

    Quite frankly, I’m more concerned about that number than the latest Tweet from Trump.