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    Archive for March, 2021

    Dr. Seuss

    By on March 12, 2021 in See It Here

    There’s a lot of twittering going on about Dr. Seuss being racist and that means outrage and canceling some of his books.

    There’s validity to the charges when one looks at “If I Ran the Zoo” with a white guy being carried by Asian men captioned by a plan to hunt in the mountains “with helpers who wear their eyes in a slant.”

    Dr. Seuss publishers have decided not to publish that book and five others out of concern it depicts some as inferior. The result of two sides: one is glad the horrible words are gone and the other is furious we are seeing another moment of “cancel culture.” We live in a click-and-it’s-done world. Erasing the problem works.

    I suggest it’s an opportunity and it requires parents looking at two things that require taking some time with a child.

    *Read the book with the child.

    *Talk about the lessons in the book—and that means what is good and what is bad. Some folks I know say “It’s time to find the three things about this.”

    I think of words from a chef with whom I worked after burning a number of entrees that were supposed to be ready for a table of three in the dining room: “Take your time and you get there quicker.”

    Spend the hour and the child can see what works and what doesn’t. That will be carried to friends and discussed. And that will improve how we handle ideas and people that are different from what we see in the mirror.