Pat Piper has made a career learning something new. As a journalist in the news business, “something new” occurs every hour so he’s becoming an expert at understanding stuff he never thought about. Learning became a common word in “Future Talk: Conversations About Tomorrow” (Warner Books), the popular book he ghostwrote with Larry King as […]

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    Archive for April, 2021

    5 Things

    By on April 27, 2021 in See It Here

    (1) From the When-Was-It-On-Department, the Oscar ratings dropped 60% Sunday night April 25. The experts say many young people don’t watch shows like this anymore, Covid closed every movie theater for a while so nobody could see who cudda been a contender but maybe the most important observation wasn’t mentioned by any “expert”: The acceptance speeches went on too long. Make it 2-minutes to thank your mother or lover and get off the stage.

    (2) The federal gas tax hasn’t been raised since 1993 and the Biden administration has offered a $2 trillion infrastructure plan to improve America’s roads without a gas tax increase. Anyone see a problem here?

    (3) House Republicans gathered in Florida to discuss policy ideas to win back elections in 2022 and 2024. They didn’t invite the loud man from Mar-a-Lago. That’s a good policy right there.

    (4) College students playing on their school sports teams are there to get a degree. They shouldn’t be paid to go to a university because they have professional sports potential.

    (5) Can Norah O’Donnell stop closing out every correspondent report with “Thank you (correspondent’s name)”? Someone with a pulse at CBS has to consider it (1) predictable (2) irritating and (3) repetitious.

    Coronavirus Taught Me

    By on April 3, 2021 in See It Here

    Almost every conversation over the past year has included a variation of “these are weird times,” some with a few adjectives attached. And there’s been a lot of whining about how our “routines” are different and “when can we see normal” which, to be honest, has become a routine in itself.

    Yes, smart people will write about the lessons learned from Covid-19 in history, psychology, political science, health books and probably comic strips in the next few years. The beuaty of this is, we will debate whether a lesson is really a “lesson,”

    My contribution:

    *We need to be patient. We’ve done a lousy job. Dr. Fauci has asked for masks to be kept while many members of Congress are saying we shouldn’t have to be told by government how to live. And in this world of wireless-lotsa gigabyte ability, waiting is unacceptable and the topic of tweets.

    *Learn to see something different when you have the same view. It’s done all the time.

    *Learn to listen when words are said that contradict what you feel. Life has always been that way. Don’t let social media define who you are. Grow up and find a solution to what is faced.

    *Learn that Tucker Carlson is a terrific comedy show.