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    Archive for May, 2021

    Responsible Idiocy

    By on May 28, 2021 in See It Here

    Half of America is fully vaccinated. The other half either believe vaccines are a lot of BS or use the argument they can’t take time off from work or it’s against their religion. Yeah, there’s a lot of excuses being used, some actually show creativity.

    The governors of California, Maryland, Ohio and Colorado have a creative idea too: pay people to get the vaccine. Or get a full ride college scholarship. They offer sweepstakes to do what can’t be done.

    It’s scary how this has set aside the excuse for not getting off work or the government telling us what to do.

    We see interviews with people having just nabbed $1 million of state funds to do something they should be willing to do because it’s responsible. Money talks. And it can allow you to set aside excuses.

    It will be interesting to see what these “lucky people” decide to do with the dollars they’ve been handed. Give back to the state? Talk to other no-vaxers about getting the shot? Donate to their local city or college?

    We need to pay people to stop at stop signs. Or vote.

    Or, think.

    First Amendment vs Facts

    By on May 5, 2021 in See It Here

    There is a long-held observations about the right to free speech and yelling “fire” in a crowded theater is wrong. Granted theaters aren’t crowded right now because many/most have yet to open but the basic premise is valid, empty seats or not.

    The former president with the “45” cufflinks says Facebook is wrong to not allow his  remarks about the 2020 election results being phony and that he actually won.

    This suggests that every election official in all 50 states failed to provide an accurate count. Now, most with a pulse say that’s stupid but this isn’t surprising because Mr. Mar-a-Lago doesn’t admit failure, although he once admitted he shouldn’t have used four-letter words in front of his mother. But the scary thing is in these days of non factual social media posts from a former president, there are followers who consider anyone suggesting he is wrong are part of “the liberal left” or “the deep state.”

    Does the First Amendment allow stupidity?

    Yes. Look at Tucker Carlson.

    Does the social media platform have a say in what is true and what isn’t?

    Yes (Tucker works for a TV network-a private enterprise). Social media, and some newspapers, go after his non-stop clown car rants.

    This isn’t a test of the First Amendment. It’s a test of complete idiots believing something that isn’t true. We need shrinks more than we need firemen right now.