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    5 hopes for this year

    By on January 1, 2021 in See It Here

    If you had a pulse, you heard all the descriptions of the year just passed: horrible, miserable, good riddance, can’t leave soon enough….you get the idea.

    I hope 2021 brings:

    1-Republicans grow up and certify their boy lost. That includes their boy too. If this can’t be done, then set up a third party with the only requirement being that masks aren’t allowed.


    2-We stop saying “sorry for your loss” when someone dies. You can add “thoughts and prayers” to that too.


    3-Biden has a weekly meeting with Mitch McConnell to discuss ways to find common ground with no news conferences afterward.


    4-News coverage provides both sides of an issue. It ain’t that difficult to do.


    5-We point a finger at ourself before pointing a finger at someone else.

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