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    A Different View of Health Care

    By on July 30, 2017 in See It Here

    The President of the United States and the Republican leadership in Congress have been telling us for the past six months that “Obamacare is a disaster.”

    And we know how effective they are when it comes to giving speeches. Nothing has happened, despite all the eloquent talk-emails-and of course the closed door negotiations because they know best how to fix things.

    There is some fact in their claim that insurance carriers are walking away from the Affordable Care Act. It is true many states have only one insurance plan from which to choose.


    If you were an insurance company and had tried to put together a five-year (heck, make it five months) business plan, it would be pretty tough to do with all the banter about how the government was going to repeal and replace most of the work your company does. One would say, the hell with it and find another market for the product.

    Think about that the next time the president and his buddies start their routine (which they will within the next ten seconds) about how Obamacare is a failure.

    Those who open their mouth oughta also open their eyes…and maybe listen to their words.

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