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    A Mitch Miss Becomes A Mess

    By on February 8, 2017 in See It Here

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell knows the Senate rules pretty well which is one reason he’s the Majority Leader. Heck, he’s been in the Senate since 1984 (can you say 33 years?) so he has obviously learned a lot.

    One such thing is it is against Senate rules to say something bad about another Senator. We capitalize that word so you can see how respected this gig can be.

    On Tuesday night, he stopped fellow Senator Elizabeth Warren from reading a letter where another Senator, Jeff Sessions, was called “a disgrace to the Justice Department.”

    McConnell is right; that probably is not a positive statement about Senator Sessions.

    Quick fact:

    *It was a letter Senator Warren was reading. It was written by Senator Ted Kennedy in 1986 about the then-hopeful-to-be-federal judgeship for Jeff Sessions (voted down) for the now-soon-to-be-Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    *Warren didn’t use the words. She just repeated the words.​

    It’s the principle of the thing though. And Senator McConnell is right. You just can’t call another Senator a clown or an idiot or, God forbid, unfit to do a job.

    Mitch, a lot of people are doing that right now everywhere but in the Senate.

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