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    Pat Piper

    The National Rifle Association and Stupid People

    By on May 25, 2022 in See It Here

    Whenever there’s a school shooting (and there have been a lot) or a mass shooting at a store or movie theater (and there have been many), there will be legislators on the radio and TV saying gun laws need to be tightened.

    And that brings in the legislators to instruct us all on the 2nd Amendment.
    We’re fortunate to have all this available advice when something bad happens. I’m not sure when the 39 signers of the Bill of Rights in 1789 gathered in Philly, that there was an AR-15 assault rifle, but I get the gist of what they were thinking.
    From the Department of Not Pointing Fingers (DNPF), the National Rifle Association should discuss this at their Houston Convention in late May. Heck, it’s a few hours away from the most recent shooting that killed 19 elementary school kids so they oughta gather there.
    The NRA is always quiet when the outrage about guns occurs.
    Here’s a suggestion and it’s so obvious, one would think even an NRA “expert” would have thought to do this:
    Make a short statement via Facebook and Twitter where all the noise occurs after a shooting by an idiot and list the NRA practices that weren’t followed (registration, buying illegally, age, keeping the weapon away from children) and show us how this couldn’t have happened if….
    I tried sending this to the NRA but my idea wasn’t accepted saying the address where I’ve lived for ten years isn’t valid.
    It will be a wonderful convention anyway.

    Election Day Is No Holiday (and shoudn’t be)

    By on April 26, 2022 in See It Here
    President Biden and a number of Think Tanks (read: Brookings Institution) support the idea of giving us a day off in order to go to the polls in November. The result will be increased participation in voting because, suddenly, we all have time to do it.
    There’s precedent: it’s done in Australia and turnout is near 90%. For comparison, turnout averages a little over 50% in the United States.
    Put another way, the logic is providing time to do something you should do is a good idea. Nowhere do I see the idea of a person saying this is important and that’s why I’ll make the time to vote.
    Do we let kids out of school that day? If so, then parents who work may find themselves in a job that doesn’t observe the “national holiday,” meaning they need to find someone who can be available. Are grocery stores closed that day to allow employees time to vote? You see where this is going?
    We are given the right to vote. This doesn’t mean we have to be given a day off to do it. That’s just……not right.

    Three Things that…(well you know)

    By on March 28, 2022 in See It Here
    1-President Biden said Russia’s Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power” which everybody but Putin agrees would be a nice idea. As instructed, the Kremlin says there “is cause for alarm” about those words. And they have a point because the US shouldnt be working to get rid of a country’s leader. For the record, Vlad has held the gig for 22 years and has assigned himself a term that ends in another decade.
    2- Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars about a reference to Smith’s wife. That was the lead story on newscasts after the event.  And yes, it makes the already-troubled Oscars all the more troubled. In case you didn’t hear, Coda won Best Picture.
    3-The Trucker Convoy is leaving the Washington Beltway and heading to the West Coast. They accomplished the goal of screwing up traffic while not understanding traffic was a mess before they arrived. The good is that Senator Ted Cruz got to go for a ride with them. That bad news is Ted Cruz isn’t making the trip with them to the West.