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    Braking Breaking News

    By on February 12, 2014 in See It Here, The Way I See It, Writing

    TV and radio and webpages too—(gee, that sounds like the cadence to “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My”) use both words and color to get our attention when the topic is “Breaking News.” These are smart people who understand the way to keep a viewer or a listener is to subtly show how plugged in they are to the fast-changing world and how lucky the viewer/listener is to have happened onto this castle of information.

    As a result of these Media Mensa Members, “Breaking News” is provided even when it isn’t breaking news, sometimes when it isn’t news at all. You see, that doesn’t matter anymore. They get our attention and we stay tuned/clicked-in to learn more.

    MSNBC has been under fire because host Andrea Mitchell interrupted an interview she was about proposals to force the NSA from collecting phone records with former Congresswoman Jane Harman, an expert on homeland security issues and now head of the Woodrow Wilson Center.

    The reason? Justin Bieber had just been arrested for DUI in Miami. Obviously, the critics who can’t fathom the idea that a 19-year old punk in a rented Lamborghini who drove 60-mph through a residential area at 4AM after drinking shots and smoking dope think a few million stupid phone calls collected by the government is more of an issue.

    Get off the high (yeah, it was intentional) horse and join the real world.

    The government probably has the one phone call Bieber was allowed to make to his manager anyway. The point is, we need to know this stuff. Parents are talking to their children right now about how wrong it is to drive their Lamborghinis faster than the speed limit. It also turns out Mr. Bieber’s driver’s license expired 6 months earlier. I’m sure this is also part of the conversations taking place across America right now and for the next few days.

    MSNBC is to be commended. As for the phone record collected by the National Security Agency? I bet Edward Snowden is going to leak it.

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