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Unpredictable Predictability

By on September 25, 2020 in See It Here

Our President warned us.

He said he wanted to be “unpredictable” as he started wearing those “45” cufflinks. And many warned with this new gig, he needs to understand things are different from operating a real estate business with his name in big letters (and CAPS).

He has fulfilled that campaign promise.

Yes, the world still exists and yes his words continue to make many try to understand if there is any solid position to be found, although his backers just roll their eyes and point to misstatements by “Sleepy Joe.”  The thing is, Sleepy Joe corrects himself while our President points a finger at “FakeNews” because it seeks consistency and some degree of predictability in handling issues (Health Care-the $3.3 trillion deficit-the “China Virus” to name a few.

He is to be admired for finding fiction in facts.

One thing is consistent: November 3rd can’t get here fast enough, even though there are daily questions about what happens on November 4th (and January 20).

It’s Not About Trump

By on September 4, 2020 in See It Here

President Trump made (and lost) money by cutting deals to buyers to build things. And he likes big things. And he likes them all the more if his name is on the big things.The beauty of where we are right now is he doesn’t understand running the U.S. is different than running big buildings and golf courses and, of course, resorts with his picture on fake magazine covers.

Being President requires more than looks.President Trump has just weeks to make the biggest sale of his life and I am hopeful the buyers will look behind the words like “fantastic” and “never-been-done-before” and, of course, “fake news.” And he like to repeat these points when they’re made because he likes how they sound.For a guy who likes to hear himself, he sure doesn’t listen to himself. But that’s part of the “beauty” of this moment.

Donald Trump is forcing America to think about what has taken place over the past three years. I’m good friends with many of his backers. Most say they will vote for him because they don’t like Sleepy Joe and they’ve never backed a Democrat. That’s not thinking. That’s just repeating and the two are very different. This is a test for each of us. Donald Trump has nothing to do with it–which I’m sure hurts his ego.

December 31 2020

By on July 29, 2020 in See It Here

When we reach the end of 2020 (and I do believe we’ll do that), here is what we will face:

(1) Dr. Fauci will be Time’s “Person of the Year” and someone we’ve heard about will be furious.

(2) Speaking o which, Donald Trump will continue name-calling tweets despite losing on November 3rd.

(3) There will be series of temporary coronavirus bailouts because Congress won’t have agreed on a single plan.

(4) Schools across the nation will begin in-class lessons.

(5) Melania will file for divorce.

(6) The coronavirus will still be with us.

(7) Mitch McConnell will lose his campaign for a 7th term bit if I’m wrong,  efforts will begin on November 4 about term limits for Congress..

(8) The Story of the Year will be how the U.S. completed screwed up handling the coronavirus and anyone accused will say “nope, not me.”

(9) Ron Wood will continue to prove health experts wrong.

(10) Westwood One News will be remembered as a terrific news organization