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    Clown Car MPG

    By on August 19, 2015 in See It Here

    The fact I am writing the name “Donald Trump” presents an ethical, nagging,  frustrating and altogether wonderful issue.

    He showed up for jury duty at the New York Supreme Court in Manhattan and police had to block off an entrance along the steps so he could perform his public duty–and so he could hold court with the photographers and reporters looking for  him to say something/someone “is stupid.” It should be noted two other citizens–Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz–also showed up for jury duty within the past year. Yes, they weren’t candidates then but does the fact one is running for president require this kind of attention? Nope: it’s the pursuit of bloviation.

    Political, social and probably psychological observors have said this attention to nothing is the first step (or second, or third–unlike recovering from alcoholism there’s disagreement on the number) toward the failure of democracy and then, civilization. Still,  if there is anything good about this, it is the fact we can watch it happen “live” on our screens.  That’s the thing going on here: we are more focused on it being “live” than on the big picture of what is/isnot being said.  Yeah, slowing down to look at an auto accident is the same thing.

    The clown car has more mileage than I thought it would. One more note to the doomsayers: it’s still early. There’s a debate on September 16 at the Ronald Reagan Library. The clown driving the car is going to have to come out from behind the curtain and offer a solution not found in comic books.

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