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    From the Department of IDGI (I don’t get it)

    By on June 27, 2014 in See It Here
    Six wonderings while wandering:
    1. Why is the column in the New York Post called “Page Six” on page 16?
    2. If John Boehner intends to spend tax payer money to sue President Obama over the issue of executive actions taken by the White House, why hasn’t the Speaker of the House explained how that expenditure is going to be paid for since he insists he won’t pay $18 billion to extend long term unemployment benefits for 5 million people without a job unless it is offset by cutting another government program?
    3. Why do we send 300-plus military advisors to Iraq while saying we won’t have “boots on the ground?” Are they just staying in the air? And remember, Vietnam began with “military advisors” in 1959. And their boots were on the ground.
    4. Why do some say there can be no amnesty in an immigration bill because the 11 million undocumented workers need to pay a fine, get in line for citizenship, learn English while refusing to come up with a plan or the money to send these people back to wherever they came from? And if we don’t know who these people are, how do we know there’s 11 million of them? And if some members of Congress insist on a “secure border first,” why has the Senate plan that doubles the number of agents, extends a border fence by 350 miles and uses drones to patrol possible border crossings been waiting for action for more than a year not been taken up by the House? If the border has to be secured first, isn’t it possible to do the other things at the same time?
    5. Why does President Obama call the group moving on Baghdad ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) while Secretary of State John Kerry calls it ISIL (Islamic State of Syria and Levant)? No wonder we can’t figure out what to do, if anything.
    6. Why is it always the guy five cars behind a red light that has just turned green that honks the horn to get the guy in the first car to go? And why is it always an SUV driver who does this?

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