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    From the Department of “He Didn’t Mean That.”

    By on April 6, 2018 in See It Here

    President Trump talks too much and that’s because he thinks people want to hear all his cogent thoughts. And most –unfortunately, not all, understand he is using Twitter or the White House cabinet meetings or the now-famous “listening sessions” to begin a negotiation with a completely goofy idea.

    From “The Art of the Deal”:

    “Controversy, in short, sells.”

    He’s imposing $60 billion in tariffs on China, which is answered with $50 billion on U.S. products which is then answered with another $100 billion in tariffs on China by the president. One can understand the reaction to a possible “trade war” by U.S. manufacturers, Chinese manufacturers and members of Congress.

    And this why his new Director of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, had to calm things down by saying the tariffs may not go into effect. Wall Street reacted by closing in positive territory after what has been described as a “wild ride” of ups and downs.

    All of us are affected by these stupid words. And when questioned about it, Mr. Trump defends this nonsense. In the coming days, expect Larry Kudlow to spend a lot more time being soothing, than providing smart economic advice.

    During the campaign, candidate Trump bragged about being unpredictable. He has kept that campaign promise. Negotiation by Twitter will eventually make anyone affected to just ignore the words. I’m not sure that’s an effective or efficient negotiation tactic when the meeting begins with laughter about “your stupid words.”

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