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    From “The Department of I Don’t Get It”

    By on August 19, 2019 in See It Here

    This list is becoming longer.

    President Trump told a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire that more people came to see him than came to see Elton John. It should be noted Elton’s stage required more room than our president’s campaign rally. He also told a Pennsylvania audience at a soon-to-open manufacturing plant about how large the crowed was. It should be noted (again) that union employees were told they wouldn’t collect overtime if they didn’t attend. And does anyone recall the inauguration boasting? The Real World doesn’t care about Reality TV ratings (except on Election Day).

    Speaking of which, there’s an idea about making Election Day a national holiday instead of President’s Day because more people will turn out to vote. If we have to give people a day off to vote because, otherwise, they won’t do it, that’s a complete lack of responsibility. One can talk-the-talk about how important the Constitution is (it’s in section 1), but one also has to get off their ass.  And if a day off is approved, what happens when the turnout remains at 55.5% as it was in 2016? Voting isn’t a fast food drive-up window.

    Greenland says it’s not for sale after our president discussed buying it to boost his legacy. If he bought North Korea, that would be something to pay attention to.

    While listening to NPR talk shows, every host and guest continue to begin sentences with “so.” I am feeling a nauseous “so-so” about this.

    Speaking of listening, awesome is still, like, used too much.

    How can anyone explain the Dow Industrials in a week where it loses 380 points on a Monday , it gains 373 on Tuesday, loses another 800+ on Wednesday, gains 100 on Thursday and another 307 on Friday without using the words “volatile” and “I don’t know?”

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