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    In Search of Sense

    By on February 1, 2022 in See It Here

    The beauty of our divided, finger-pointing, me-vs-you country is one can see logic (which makes no sense).

    The Spotify decision to put a warning on Joe Rogan’s podcast so listeners can be directed to a link with facts is actually a good idea.

     (1) It makes Spotify look like it cares.

    (2) It allows listeners who ignore facts in the first place to also ignore the warning.

    Former President Donald Trump is suggesting if he’s elected President in 2024, he will look into pardoning the patriots who walked into the Capitol and caused $1.6 million damage

    .(1) Before he gets elected, his first campaign stop should be delivering a personal check for $1.6 million to the Capitol because he too is a patriot.

    (2) Pardoning has to be in his platform. That will increase turnout for other Republican candidates.

    About 61% of the country is vaccinated. The unvaccinated are 14 times more likely to get Covid. These facts mean nothing because:

    (1) The unvaccinated don’t pay attention to facts.

    (2) 5 religions forbid vaccinations (Even Christian Scientists allow it) so this means a lot of Americans are members of the Dutch Reform Church, Church of the First Born, Faith  Assembly and Endtime Ministries or Faith Tabernacle.

    Don’t worry. IQ ratings aren’t in the Constitutin.

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