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    Lame Duck Take 121

    By on November 9, 2020 in See It Here

    Among the issues facing the lame duck Congress is the small issue of the government running out of its ability to pay bills on December 11. The smart money says this will mean approving a continuing resolution or another two months to allow both the House and Senate and political parties to have more time to fine tune a spending plan while keeping the government solvent.

    If you’ve been counting, this will be the 121st CCR (not the band, but Consecutive Continuing Resolution) to be passed. That’s right; a complete budget has not taken place since 1997.

    Some members of Congress have suggested this makes it difficult for any private company with a government contract to maintain financial stability as a result of waiting until agreed-to government funding will be available. The usual line used in the congressional speeches prior to approval is “can anyone in America operate this way?”

    President-elect Biden oughta suggest the 538 Representatives and Senators forego their paychecks until a completed annual budget is passed. We’ve become numb to consistent stupidity and inefficiency. Having Congress defend the way it operates on CSPAN would bring great ratings and maybe change–eh, never mind.

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