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    By on November 13, 2019 in See It Here

    When dealing with any “Customer Service Technician” the conversation will end 99% of the time with the “see-how caring-we-are” sentence: “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

    I know this came from some consultant who was paid 5 figures for half a day’s work using his or her PAPHA (Plan A Project Happy Approach). to ensure every person handling questions from customers asks the stupid question. And when you are told “this call may be recorded,” its a given the call is replayed for the boss so that person can then tell the board of directors how happy everyone is under his watch.

    I also doubt there’s a I won’t do anything else for you today to understand that one.

    The idiocy is all the more annoying when the Customer Service Technician has not solved the problem that brought the need for a phone call in the first place–or the personal assistant where you type the issue and get a response.

    Yes, my answer is usually “Can you do anything about Trump?” or “Is there a sale at Harris Teeter on cheddar cheese?” which is met with the uncomfortable pause.

    We’re in trouble if someone thought this was a great idea but we’re in even bigger trouble because someone else agreed.

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