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    “Never Can Say Good Bye”

    By on November 19, 2020 in See It Here

    President Trump doesn’t see facts. Instead, he sees himself. Yeah, there’s a difference.

    This no-admission he lost is going to continue for weeks, despite Georgia now saying their recount shows a win by “Sleepy Joe”–and despite a never ending tweet while President (and golfing) insisting the election was rigged.

    He’s not planning on a Mar-a-Lago trip for Thanksgiving because (1) he wants to show dedication to the job and (2) he’s worried about fighting facts and urging potential cohorts (an invitation to GOP Michigan election officials with visits to–wow-the White House) to say “I’m with you, despite reality.”


    Gilbert and Sullivan couldn’t have written this.

    He came to office saying he will be unpredictable. Sadly, this is all too predictable, and sad, and harmful. Of more concern, however, are his backers (the smart money says they think Gilbert and Sullivan are a duet from the ’70’s) saying they hope God, or fake ballots, will step in. I have said the Trump defeat shows hope for America.

    The MAGA group suggests we are predictable–and stupid.

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