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    A New Campaign Ad (that says something)

    By on October 23, 2014 in See It Here

    All of us have seen the TV commercials for Republican or Democratic or Independent or Libertarian candidates that tell us how their opponent is linked to big business, is hypocritical, votes for Obama programs or, here in Virginia, says being a mother isn’t  “a real job.” It’s all about the other person being no good with nothing, absolutely nothing, about what the candidate paying for the ad is going to do.

    Of course, this is TV where we aren’t really paying any attention in the first place so after the 132nd time in two hours the commercial plays, we start to link Candidate A with being a clown. And we all know nobody is going to go to a website to learn what Candidate A stands for because (1) we don’t have time and (2) if that information exists, you have to download a 174MG pdf file and then sort through the pages.

    So here’s my 30 second ad for any candidate that can be used up until November 4 (I mention November 4 because that’s the date of the midterm election):

    Hi I’m ___candidate for (Senate/House) with a simple look at how I’m gonna operate if you give me this job:

    *I’m going to meet with the other side of the aisle every day to find common ground. My time will be spent talking with people who disagree rather than talking with people who already agree.

    *I don’t want a bridge, highway, tunnel, airport or post office named after me.

    *If I’m assigned a committee, I will not waste the time of witnesses who have been asked to testify by reading five minutes of remarks before they say one word and, instead, ask questions in an effort to get answers. And I won’t waste anyone’s time with stupid floor speeches. 

    Now, ask the other side what they’ll do?  

    Graphic: Vote For __ November 4. 

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