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    No Ifs, Ands, But….

    By on March 8, 2022 in See It Here
    (1) The “People’s Convoy’ of truckers ticked off about mask mandates drove from as far away as California to make their case known. They’ve made at least three 64-mile circles of the Washington Beltway to show America how ticked they are. The good news is there’s been no issues and they even got to meet with Texas Republican Ted Cruz and Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson.
    Did anyone consider loading their truck with supplies and making stops along the way for grocery stores or homeless shelters or food banks as they traveled to DC?
    (2) There’s a ban on importing oil from Russia and President Biden is well aware this is going to hike gas prices.
    Anyone whining about the price of gas on the next fill up should see this as their way of supporting Ukraine, and it hurts less than what they’re dealing with right now..
    (3)  Political geniuses like Sean Hannity have suggested someone knock off Vladimr Putin as a way to end the Russian episode in Ukraine. It makes for great television,
    This isn’t a video game.

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