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    Note to Joe and Bernie

    By on April 5, 2020 in See It Here

    Yeah, everyone knows you both have your eyes on a new job and everyone knows each of you has a lot of backers. And it’s pretty well-known all the Bernie-Joe supporters agree they want the current occupant out of the White house on November 3rd.

    Consider this rarely-used approach in Washington:

    It’s not me against you. It’s the two of us against the problem. Yeah, get ready for being something other than routine.

    Do your video town halls at the same time –or together–six feet apart–and say, “Mr. President, tell us what we can do to help the country get rid of the coronavirus.”

    It would force the guy with the love of “fantastic-incredible-never been done before-outstanding” to have an answer instead of pointing a finger.

    And it will make whatever takes place in Milwaukee in August all the more important. In fact get a hold of DNC chairman Perez and urge it be done online–something new–and let the guy you want to replace insist he be able to speak in front of masses of fans at the GOP convention a week later and endanger even more people.

    It will show this isn’t political. It is responsible.

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