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    One Sentence Answers On Current Events.

    By on June 20, 2017 in See It Here

    (1) Republicans are putting together a health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act and refuse to include Democrats in the talks because Democrats didn’t include Republicans when putting together “Obamacare.” 

    The truth is, after talks began with Republicans (the “gang of Six” in 2009), Senator Mitch McConnell told GOP negotiators not to participate (and guess who is in control now?).

    (2) There’s an effort to remove confederate statues because they represent support for slavery and inequality for people who aren’t white.

    The truth is, one learns from history and if we are going to (excuse the phrase) “whitewash” what took place more than a century ago, then we are removing a valuable lesson about bad ideas based on patriotism.

    (3) Megyn Kelly is criticized for her interview with (wacko-my word) Alex Jones who thinks the Sandy Hook shootings are fake and designed to assist those favoring more controls as to who can own a gun.

    This is similar to the statue debate—if you think it is wrong or if you think a person is wacko (our word) and it’s in the public arena (a city or a TV), then don’t pay any attention to it (in other words, don’t watch).

    Bottom Line: We are losing the ability to think.

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