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    The National I-Don’t-Care-Anymore Breakfast

    By on February 7, 2020 in See It Here

    The National Prayer Breakfast has been an annual event in Washington DC since 1953.

    I’ve attended and it’s always a chance to look at who we are through the eyes of religion.

    It’s a place where differences are set aside and Republicans-Democrats-Whatever share stories, hear speeches and agree to stay on the same page for an hour.

    After Mr. Trump’s finger-pointing-look-at-me-Pelosi-doesn’t pray performance, I hope those in power decide to cancel the entire thing and use Trump’s name as the reason.

    Yes, we’re watching his Republican cohorts who backed him during all the “pain” inflicted on Trump and his family, and later saw them again at the White House for another TV show. I just hope the Prayer Breakfast folks don’t operate the same way as did his nodding-smiling-yelling Congressional supporters.

    The thing is: his ego will dig it.

    After all, it’s another “look-what-I did” moment.

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