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    The Wall

    By on March 21, 2016 in See It Here

    It’s a shame we no longer think of Pink Floyd when we hear the words “The Wall” but setting aside the successful 11th album by that band for a few moments, let’s look at how Donald Trump’s signature landmark might work—and unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to his tower, or his hotels or his stupid airplane.

    Mexico isn’t going to pay for the wall that will run about 2,000 miles across four states (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas) along the border, despite promises from you-know-who. That’s to Mexico’s credit. Why pay for something nobody wants, like a Senate hearing on a Supreme Court nominee or a House hearing on a federal budget?

    Here’s an option for President Trump:

    Spend a little more and play Donald Trump speeches and reruns of The Apprentice 24 hours a day on the Mexican side of the wall. It’s done by South Korea along its border with North Korea to let the people ruled by Kim Jong-un hear there’s a different world out there than where they are right now.

    This would have the opposite effect.

    Nobody would want to come to America, if not because of the always-irritating rants and hearing the words “amazing”, “by the way” and “unbelievable” every ten seconds but because nobody would want to even be near the border with that noise. Mexican drug lords will become appealing if given the choice between the two.

    Maybe the friends of El Chapo will pay for The Wall?

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