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    Three Things that…(well you know)

    By on March 28, 2022 in See It Here
    1-President Biden said Russia’s Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power” which everybody but Putin agrees would be a nice idea. As instructed, the Kremlin says there “is cause for alarm” about those words. And they have a point because the US shouldnt be working to get rid of a country’s leader. For the record, Vlad has held the gig for 22 years and has assigned himself a term that ends in another decade.
    2- Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars about a reference to Smith’s wife. That was the lead story on newscasts after the event.  And yes, it makes the already-troubled Oscars all the more troubled. In case you didn’t hear, Coda won Best Picture.
    3-The Trucker Convoy is leaving the Washington Beltway and heading to the West Coast. They accomplished the goal of screwing up traffic while not understanding traffic was a mess before they arrived. The good is that Senator Ted Cruz got to go for a ride with them. That bad news is Ted Cruz isn’t making the trip with them to the West.

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