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Two Presidential Questions

By on May 18, 2016 in See It Here

While there are a few primaries remaining, both Hillary and Donald are making plans to go one-on-one with one-liners in upcoming presidential debates. And you can put Sept 26, October 9 and October 19 on your dance card to see/hear/read about them.

The theme we’ve all heard this year is that Washington doesn’t work. Look, just because the House won’t even have a hearing on the president’s 2017 fiscal plan and the Senate won’t have a hearing on the president’s nominee for the Supreme Court doesn’t mean there’s something wrong…does it?

So, note to the moderators-to-be who will be asking questions:

  1. Ask: What are you going to do differently to have both Republicans and Democrats discuss and vote on legislation the rest of us pay them to do?
  2. Ask:  If a candidate doesn’t answer a question, are you going to tell them they didn’t answer the question?

After that, we can focus on one-liners again.

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