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    Ukraine Calling

    By on October 9, 2019 in See It Here

    President Trump doesn’t like criticism because, as must be clear to even his supporters, he’s a smart guy with a lot of “est” in his self-proclaimed attributes: smartest-best-rarest-honest-brightest-craftiest to name just a few.

    His July phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky has been The Topic in Congress and talk shows because a staff member listening in–which is a good safeguard for determining the gist (not jest) of the conversation.

    That person, called a whistleblower–and now there are more than one–reported our President dangled a federally-approved fund for military supplies for Ukraine in front of Zelensky with the words “do me a favor.” The sentence ended with words about finding something negative about his political foe Joe Biden who happens to want President Trump’s job next year.

    Our president says the whistleblower is a spy and a person he wants to meet.

    Some believe this is grounds for impeachment since a president isn’t supposed to seek political favors in return for political dirt when taxpayer money is involved.

    For each of us it’s a moment to be tested. For our president it’s a moment to be detested. And for all of us, even those without their names on buildings, we’re in for a long period of unrest.


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