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    Waiting For (him) Godot

    By on November 27, 2020 in See It Here

    President Trump is being President Trump. Politics is a business deal and is supposed to make him the biggest-most fantastic-incredible human being on the planet. And yeah, I’ll end that description with the way he ends a sentence: “OK?”

    But this business deal has his opponent “Sleepy Joe” with  51.1% of the numbers winning to Trump’s 47.2% of the popular vote, a difference of more than 6 million.

    The electoral college makes the final call on December 14 which means challenges to this business deal must conclude and President Trump has to face the music, which he won’t hear.

    On January 20, he may not even appear on the inauguration stage with the President-elect (the smart money in Vegas is leaning that way). He’ll be there, and there’s no doubt he’ll make it a TV show with facial antics.

    The U.S. looks stupid. And it’s getting to be a bore. And in keeping with consistency, Trump will continue to follow idiocy.

    What’s most sad is many will follow along claiming the results are rigged. If there’s good to be found in any of this it is the numbers of Trump Believers will decrease, though Mr. Trump won’t believe that “fact” either.

    And none of this is “OK.” Note no question mark this time. We’ve moved on).

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