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    By on May 19, 2014 in See It Here

    There are lots of ideas out there about why we’re here. Some look to God, others to a different name, some look inside in search of some kind of internal truth residing in all of us just waiting to be put to work on the outside. Emerson says we’re here to make some kind of difference than had we not been here. Dostoyevsky suggests there’s more to just staying alive; it’s to have a purpose. Dr. Hunter Thompson says any person giving advice to another about “why” and “what to do” is getting dangerously close to egomania. I’ve always leaned toward Emerson (much to the disappointment of Hunter Thompson).

    When Dan died last week, this question was answered with clarity.

    I got the news, turned to some co-workers and said “he’s gone.” There was a minute of disbelief about our world no longer containing Dan. “Oh no,” and “Oh my God,” were followed by silence as each of us slowly allowed this fact become a very real thing.

    And then smiles appeared.

    “Do you remember that joke he told…” one said. “Do you remember the time when Dan…” and soon the three of us had tears as we laughed.

    I think that’s our purpose: to improve a moment even if, suddenly, you’re not there to see it.

    (Geez, Hunter Thompson is yelling at me again…)

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