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    Wouldn’t It Make Sense (yeah, I know)

    By on September 27, 2022 in See It Here

    Congress faces a deadline to fund the government by the end of September. It’s called the “fiscal year” and there’s gotta be money in place to pay government expenses for the coming fiscal year which begins October 1.

    Yeah, take a guess.

    Right now the focus isn’t on funding the government but what to add to that need to fund the government. Everyone agrees there oughta be money so the U.S. can pay debts but instead of just doing that, we are dealing with “add-ons,” like Joe Manchin wanting to provide $$ for pipelines or Joe Biden wanting to fund Ukraine.

    How ’bout this idea?

    Focus only on the bottom line of $$ needed to fund the government. Agree and pass it. Then, work within the financial parameters together. Yeah, there will be unexpected things like paying for a hurricane. Handle that by meeting again and pass funding–or don’t–within 2 days of the event taking place.

    How do ya do that?

    Talking. To eachother.

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